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Direct access to our analysts Whatsapp! He aims to reply within minutes (Monday - Friday).

In-depth Education

ALL of our LIVE trading includes detailed breakdowns of why our analyst has decided to enter the market.

Honesty Is Our ONLY Policy

We do not promise a specific win % because this is impossible.

This service is only 100% free because we are sponsored by our recommended broker. We earn money based off the trading activities of our members. It is important that you understand this mutually beneficial relationship between all 3 parties.

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What our members are saying:

I was sceptical when joining...

I was sceptical when joining this as there are so many scams out there, but Charlie is the real deal.

1-2-1 support getting set up, he charges you NOTHING and you can get started with Forex trading very quickly.

He has been there and checked in with me at every step.

Very very impressed so far.

 James Snook //  Ist time trader

Follow up review - it's good news...

I wrote a review for Charlie (Tips2Pips) back in November 2022 when I had joined for a week or so. I was really impressed with him and his service then and it is the same now, 3 months later. 

I have made a nice amount of profit, slowly and gradually over the months, and it is very much a slow process to start but to have consistency and see rewards you have to be diligent and patient. The fact is Charlie communicates really well to his team daily and explains why he is or is not trading on any given day, yes we have some good days and bad days which are often unavoidable, it’s the currency market after all. But Charlie is not here to place lots of trades every day and risk big losses. 

I have been able to withdraw some of my money easily (does take a few hours for the broker to process) but it’s 100% legit.

So I have made money, withdrawn some, and continued to grow my account slowly. Charlie takes time one to one to explain do’s and dont’s and sensible lot sizes from the off.

I continue to vouch for Charlie and his service and look forward to growing my account more and more!

Adam Prior  //   1st time trader

You don't have to take BIG risks

When you start trading with us our main focus is on longevity.

How to calculate you cash risk per trade is one of the first lessons you'll learn!

We recommend that ALL new traders regardless of experience use minimal risk per trade.

You can actually risk as little as £1-2 per trade to start & your funds can be withdrawn at anytime with any profits made up until that point.

How do I get started today?

You can actually get set up and ready to start trading in under 15 minutes...

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    Tap here. Our analyst Charlie will show you how to get set up with our recommend broker & trading app.
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    Enjoy FREE education. You'll then be enrolled in our LIVE trading channel & beginners course which includes video tutorials
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    Start trading. You can start seeing results as early as tomorrow morning!

Charlie Sogunro  //  Technical Analyst

Charlie hasn't always been a trader!

With only 5 years experience trading the Financial Markets, self taught Charlie Sogunro has taken the FX world by storm!

Having helped hundreds of retails traders from around world, he's built a strong community of real traders! 

Charles Sogunro

Join 450+ Happy Customers

I would definitely recommend Charlie...

I would definitely recommend charlie, he is very helpful, friendly and has alot of patience for beginners. He has guided me all the way, and motivates you with positive feedbacks. I have made profits everyday since starting, which was about a month ago. Definitely the best trader, I look forward to trade everyday with Charlie. Very happy

Shance Anderson   //   1st time trader

18 months ago...

Found Charlie and Tips2Pips around 18 months ago. His trades are absolutely fantastic with very high success rates, but not least, I have found Charlie is a one of a kind, kind hearted person who is approachable at any trading level, regardless of your new or not. One of the best decisions ever was making contact with him. Honestly try it, you won’t be disappointed & if there is something you are not sure of, ask Charlie, you won’t regret it

Peter dawson   //   it consultant

The Best Time to Start is Now

People waste a LOT of time thinking about taking action when they should be starting their JOURNEY. 

The sooner you take the first step the sooner you'll find out whether or not it's for you!

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Charlie Sogunro

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make?

This isn't a question that we can answer due to the number of variables that can differ person to person. We cannot & do not guarantee set results.

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit to be eligible for our lifetime FREE offer is £450. However you can risk as little as £1-2 per trade to start.

Can I withdraw my funds?

Yes! You can withdraw your funds and any profits made at anytime. Only you have access to your secure broker account.

What if I don't have any experience?

Most people who join have little to no experience. We provide video tutorials & 1-1 support to cater for total beginners!

What if I am limited for time?

Most of our members have full-time jobs.

Some of our members even run large scale companies. You should only need a few minutes per day.

What if I have more questions?

Speak with Charlie directly via Whatsapp!

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